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Lulabelle's Vintage Ice Cream Van for Hire

Welcome to Lulabelle's Vintage Ice Cream Van. She is available to hire. We serve local Thaymar's luxury ice cream. With colourful bunting she’ll make your event truly memorable. Lulabelle's specialises in weddings, but is also available for hire for festivals, summer parties, birthday celebrations, christenings, corporate events and classic car shows.
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Our Journey

Lulabelle is a 1979 Peugeot J7 vintage van, that started her life as a camper van in Northern France. Sadly, her original owner passed away and she remained in a barn for several years until we bought her back to life as an ice cream van. She was imported from France and has been part of our family since 2016. 

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We use local Thaymar luxury real dairy ice cream. Lovingly made at Haughton Park Farm by the Thaymar Family since 1988.  Choose from Thaymar's list of 25 delicious flavours. Made by using fresh milk, double cream and only the finest natural ingredients. 

Thaymar Home | Haughton Park Farm, Retford | Thaymar Ice Cream

Ice Cream Flavours

Natural Vanilla Bean             

Raspberry Ripple       

Lemon Curd                        

Turkish Delight


Chocolate Orange

White Mint Chocolate Chip

Rum and Raisin   

Caramel Honeycomb Ripple

Honey and Ginger

Rocky Mountain

Cookies and Cream

Salted Butter Caramel

Clotted Cream Vanilla

Strawberries and Cream   

Chunky Chocolate

Brandy and Orange      

Gaelic Coffee                   

Forest Fruit Ripple

Pistachio and Almond   

Toffee Banana

Toffee Fudge       

Cherry and Chocolate

White Chocolate and Raspberry

Black Cherry

Elderflower & Gooseberry

We offer vegan ice creams and will always do our best to cater for any allergy requirements.

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